We are hiring! Are you a Junior Graphic Communications Designer?

Junior Graphic Communications Designer – part time (20hours/week)

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Do you believe you could shape the Talent Garden brands visual identity?

You, the designer, will be responsible for graphic design and production of a wide variety of communications and marketing materials for Talent Garden nationally and internationally.

If you:

  • - Have knowledge of UI and UX web, Adobe Creative Suite, with expert skills in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop;

  • - Have a sharp, creative eye and well developed instincts for photography and interior + exterior design aesthetics

  • - Love working in a fast-paced environment and can think on your own feet

  • - Do not have any problems with speaking and writing in English and Italian;

  • - Are driven by the big global vision and enjoy startups work culture

  • - Want to improve your table-football skills, drink lots of coffee and ‘live your work’ with the team

  • - Ready to work with the small and ambitious Talent Garden team to accomplish the ‘visual brand excellence’

Please send your CV/portfolio and a few informal lines about yourself to global@talentgarden.org

Tag Team is waiting for you! ☺

Visas are no longer a barrier for tech entrepreneurs coming to Europe

On July, the Italian government adopted a Startup Visa that allows non-European tech innovators to move to Europe. The starting point is Italy, whose ecosystem has a great deal of growth potential: an ever growing number of successful startups, programs and initiatives is unexpectedly coming out of Italy. Among these Talent Garden, one of the best growth cases in Italy, is also working to bring foreign entrepreneurs.

The Startup visa serves as an incentive for innovative entrepreneurs to come to Italy. Due to the long duration and high number of bureaucratic mechanisms involved in issuing regular visas, the government has simplified the process – all procedures are now online, and the Startup Visa procedure takes maximum 30 days. Eventually, after some re-structuring of the process, the evaluation conducted by the Governmental Committee now has an alternative one – application through the certified Italian incubator, which is stating its willingness to host and help the innovative startup. An important highlight for those who choose the direct application – the Committee is made up of representatives of Italy’s startup ecosystem top associations (AIFI, IBAN, APSTI, PNICube, Netval).

The visa applies to innovative startups with up to five members who can potentially relocate to Italy for at least one year. The company is required to have a “limited” structure, must have been operating for no longer than four years and must intake an annual sales figure of less than € 5 million. Additional criteria are listed in the Italian Startup Visa Guidelines.

In order to accelerate the integration of these entrepreneurs and their business development as they enter the local startup ecosystem, the biggest Italian co-working network, Talent Garden supports the initiative by providing startups with free office space and facilities for their first phase in the country. As Talent Garden currently has eight facilities in multiple cities across Italy, tech startups have the possibility of choosing the area best suited to their business. Co-working members can freely move within the network, which allows for work in a variety of environments and exploration of the country.

With the distinctive advantage this visa provides for inter-European travel and Talent Garden’s plans to open 10 European branches, bridging a variety of countries in the second half of 2015, the opportunities for non-European startups to work, travel and grow are ever-expanding.

For further information, visit Italian Startup Visa Webpage.

U-Start Conference 2014 – The final event May 13&14 – Milan

U-Start Conference is an international event held in Milan every May and powered by U-Start, with the aim to connect investors and entrepreneurs from different ecosystems, building up the U-Entrepreneurs global network.

For 2014, U-Start Conference has already hosted satellite events in São Paulo, Cape Town, Moscow and, on the 28th of April in Lugano, where the best startups of each country have been selected to partecipate to the final competition set in Milan.
On the 13rd and 14th of May the main event of 2014 edition will take place in Milan.

Thanks to the patronage of Regione Lombardia the event will be exclusively located at Palazzo Lombardia – Piazza Città di Lombardia.

Just a small preview of our special guests: Ash Fontana (Angelist – Fundraising Products), Lars Buch (StartupBootCamp – Co Founder), Michael Stuenkel (Lakestar – Partner), Didac Lee (Angel Investor) and Simone Sole (Ad4venture – CEO).
You can find the full program on U-Start Conference website.
During this 2 days selected startups, top investors, family offices, venture capitalist, angels and advisors from all over the world will have the opportunity to join the conference and to get networking advantages from U-Start dedicated services profiled for different tickets.

To subscribe, click here

TAG media partner of SIRIUS, find the program that supports Italian Startups in UK

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TAG media partner of SIRIUS, the English acceleration program for entrepreneurs who want to deal with an international environment. TAG is a partner initiative in Italy thanks to the existing relationship with the UK embassy in Italy, which are in the works with a number of new initiatives in the future.

The Sirius Programme is an amazing opportunity to get financial support, visa endorsement, a place at one of the best accelerators, support to set up a business and the best bit – you keep all the equity in your business.

Whether you have an early stage idea or an established business plan, apply to the programme, one of the most comprehensive start-up packages offered globally. They’re looking for talented teams of entrepreneurs and global entrepreneurs with business ideas in any sector that have great potential to succeed in the UK.

The Sirius Programme is currently closed for applications. The Programme will be returning later in 2014 – please subscribe to the mailing list above to keep up-to-date with all the latest announcements.

They are looking for final year students & recent graduates from all around the world.

Successful applicants will receive financial support of £12,000 for each team member, a place in one of the world’s best business accelerator programmes, and access to the additional support package. No equity is taken.

TAG & Jusan, a partnership dedicated to training in the field of e-commerce and web marketing!


Thanks to the partnership agreement just signed between TAG and Jusan, the Academy will lean Ecommerce business courses in the cities where TAG is present.
The Academy is the training section of international Ecommerce Ecommerce Guru, an initiative of Jusan Network aims to make available to anyone who wants to do e-commerce by the Agency accumulated decades of experience in the design, implementation and management of ecommerce websites.
The courses are organized in three different areas: e-commerce, web marketing and training company among the customers of the Academy there are business realities of key players in the Italian business. This time he wanted to promote TAG, thanks to the partnership signed with Jusan Italian excellence, then welcome to the Academy Ecommerce business!

TAG & IBM working together for italian startup!

The news is finally official, we worked very strongly and we tried a historic partnership with the leading company in the computer industry, we hold today announce that TAG and IBM have become partners with the agreement signed in the name of collaboration in order to support the startups.
IBM will provide the TAG’s residents, a cloud infrastructure based on SofLayer and give remote access to the capacity of cognitive computing Watson and other software platforms, IBM will make available the resources of its Innovation Center in Segrate (Milan) and its Digital Marketing Lab in New York .
Talent Garden involves IBM in its initiatives for startups and will participate in specific events already scheduled for the end of 2014 which will also be held joint training sessions.
Among the stops planned and already in the calendar remind Startup Weekend in Bergamo in June, in Genova in September, in Rome in October.
Thanks to IBM , therefore, that he believed in TAG consolidating and legitimizing the role of our network as one of the most important innovations of our country!

U-Start Conference Europe Call 4 Companies: subscribe you startup (deadline 3rd april)!


WHAT: U- Start is looking for the best 20 European startups ” in early stage phase ” to be submitted to international investors during the conference. The top four start-ups selected during the event, which will be held in Lugano, April 17, 2014 , will enter the main event in Milan, U -Start Conference – grabs an equity commitment on the part of international investors and VC . Startups instead wish to participate in the competition and be among the top 20 can SUBSCRIBE HERE until April 3 , final deadline for proposing his candidature .

HOW: The startups will be assessed on the basis of four principles, such as the feasibility, sustainability, scalability and the team. The 4 Best start-ups will be added to the other 9 were selected during the event in Cape Town ( MellowCabs , WiGroup , SteadiDrone , Caperay Medical and Over) and Sao Paulo ( Love Mondays , ZeroPaper , Intoo , Nearbytes ) to participate in the final event Milan, U- Start Conference.
The conference will be held over two days – the 13th and 14th May – and will bring together the entire international network of U -Start from the countries in which it operates , with the possibility for startups to meet potential strategic and financial partners , which will facilitate the expansion and growth of the company. The conference took place in Cape Town and Sao Paulo were attended by about 200 people, a third of which represented by investors.


On April 17, you can also see the Conference Lugano streaming at this link.

TAG mediapartner of jsDay e phpDay: the greatest Italian events for international developers

jsDay and phpDay are the greatest international conferences that take place in Italy every year, TAG for the 3rd time is media partner of the event! With over than 3000 attendees in the past few years, the two conferences are a four-day meeting where the best speakers and developers will make incredible speeches on programming language! This year jsDay and phpDay will be held in Verona, from the 14th to the 17th of May. As usual, they expect gurus and big international speakers to come! jsDay and phpDay are a great opportunity to stay up to date with the best development practices, both for developers and professionals! Conferences, workshops and aperitifs are planned by the GrUSP association, which has been organizing the two events for several years! Please visit the website http://2014.phpday.it e http://2014.jsday.it to keep up to date about call for paper, speakers list, sponsors and to secure tickets!

TAG & STARTUP PIRATES: a partnership in the name of the challenge!


Today we want to share with you a new partnership that enriches our worldwide connected network and that widens the range of ways that each tagger can undertake. The choice to add Startup Pirates to the Talent Garden partners is moving in this direction, with the aim to make each day more and more wide the network of collaborations.

Startup Pirates was born in 2011 and is a worldwide initiative that develops a one-week program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside the startup world and learn how to develop a business idea. With a very hands-on approach and the support of a large community of experienced entrepreneurs, they combine workshops and mentoring with a clear focus on accelerating the development of entrepreneurs.

After the programs, a great network of partners (Talent Garden is the last but not the least) supports the teams on their quest to thrive.

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Founders Card chose TAG as a partner!

Schermata 2014-02-24 alle 15.56.16Founders Card, the world most important organization, founded in 2010, which welcomes Founder, Managing Directors, Presidents and other leading members of the entrepreneurial community chose TAG as a partner and now is ready to promote our company in its own network. We are very happy and honored to have been selected from a so famous and important organization.

Each member will get the opportunity to reach one complementary day pass at any location and receive a 20% discount for all regular Memberships.

So Taggers be prepared to get in touch  with the best entrepreneurs in the world!

Red Bull & Wings For Life World Run: the whole world will be running for those who can’t

P-20131002-00077_NewsWings for Life Run the World

With less than 100 days to the biggest race ever organized, Wings for Life World Run, which will involve runners from around the world to help the Wings for Life Foundation in Support of Research on Spinal Cord Injury .
Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at 10:00 UTC thousands of people will start to run along the paths of 35 different tracks spread across 6 continents, in times of the same day and in different weather conditions.
Everyone – from professional athletes to recreational runners – can participate and support the 3 million people worldwide are living with a spinal cord injury.
There has never been a race like this: the game does not have a fixed distance the finish line does not exist and participants from all over the world begin to run at the exact same time.

Just the departure time is an exciting challenge for participants in South Korea, New Zealand and Australia will start in the late afternoon and will run in during the night, while in the west coast of the United States will begin to run in the beautiful middle of the night until sunrise.

Half an hour after the start of the race a “catcher car” will start at a set speed, gradually increasing the speed. When individual runner will be achieved by the machine will end his race.
For each country there will be a man and a woman Champions Clubs Wings for Life Run the World, but only one male athlete and one female athlete in the world will be crowned Champion Absolute Wings for Life Wold Run.

The most exciting aspect of Wings for Life Run the World is the absolutely innovative format, which provides a starting line but no goal. It’s a concept almost magical.

The idea of a car that chases you half an hour after you’ve started running is something totally unique and never seen before, combined with the simultaneity of the time of departure. You can be in New Zealand, South Africa, Italy or Britain: the races begin all at the same time.

The first and only global endurance race will take place against the backdrop of breathtaking views, some tracks will cross the desert, some bucolic country landscapes or wonderful coastline.
In Italy, the race will be held in Verona, UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty and for its artistic richness, and will start at 12:00 CET.

More than 216 athletes of international importance have already signed up to support and participate in the race. Giorgio Calcaterra, ultramaratoneta three times world champion over the distance of 100 km, Italian ambassador and supporter of Wings for Life Run the World, is preparing to run his own in Verona Wings for Life World Run. Among the other athletes in the former Formula One driver David Coulthard, Australian Mick Flanning, professional surfer and three-time world champion, the legend of motorsport Eddie Jordan, the former ace of the skis and the Luc Alphand Iron Man Marc Herremans.

Everyone can participate and have until midnight (UTC) on Sunday, April 20, 2014 to register on the site www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com and take part in one of the races in the world.

 Red Bull, as the official organizer of Wings for Life Run the World, ensures that the equivalent of the proceeds of the race, collected through the payment system European Merchant Services (EMS) will be donated to Wings for Life foundation.

Running may not be only part of a sporting event and revolutionary world, but you will join the race to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

TAG media partner of GO YOUTH CONFERENCE

Schermata 2014-02-19 alle 12.37.56What: GO YOUTH CONFERENCE 2014 (third edition) IS A PIONEER EVENT ABOUT YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP, YOUTH TALENT, INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY. HAPPENING IN LISBON ON THE 15TH AND 16TH OF MARCH 2014. its an unique conference, created by a group of young entrepreneurs in 2012, with one clear goal, to inspire and empower young people to create their own future. Where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, start meaningful conversations and be introduced to powerful content that can help them to thrive and take charge of their economic future. Talent Garden thanks to the partnership agreement offers two free tickets to the two faster taggers (write info@talentgarden.it) and a discount of 20% for all other taggers. Apply here!

Where: Lisbon (Portugal)

When: 15th – 16th march

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